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Let There Be Light

A few weeks ago, Jodi had expressed that she wanted to get some new globes for our dining room chandelier. She wanted to give it a new look. And I had to agree because it really needed a new look. So, we went shopping for new globes and finally found some that we liked at Lowe's. Jodi put it all together and painted the old, ugly brass and it looked awesome.

Then, a terrible thing happened. We turned the light on and the entire room had this yellowed look to it. The white molding looked like smokers had been licking it for years. It was pretty bad and it really screwed up the mood since we were expecting to be in awe of our new light fixture. Instead, we were disgusted by our choice.

I thought that maybe we could put something reflective in the globes to keep the light from going through the globes themselves. The room looked yellow, after all, not from the light bulbs but rather the light that went through the globes and picked up the yellow hue. We tried foil and it looked stupid. I then thought that maybe we could paint the insides with some chrome paint. But, in the end we did one better than that and painted the insides with white spray paint. No more yellow room and no more ugly chandelier.

For a grand total of $32 it was an inexpensive and much needed upgrade to our home.


We're so handy to have around.

Its good to read once again thanks for the emails, keep them coming.

Our house had a little too much brass going on when we bought it and it had to go pretty quickly. I wonder if I could spray paint an ugly brass light fixture in the bathroom and then I could be brass free.

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