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Free Euro 2016 Score Sheet Poster

Free Printable UEFA Euro 2016 Score Sheet Poster
I created a free Copa America 2016 Score Sheet Poster and then I was asked to create a similar Euro 2016 poster, as well.  I couldn't resist a perfectly legitimate request.

Here are links to the full-sized, high resolution PDF and PNG versions of the score sheet pictured here to the right.  They're pretty big files because I designed them to be printed at 24 inches by 36 inches.  Staples will print this as an "engineering print" (black & white) at that size for only $3.  Printing in color is best so that you can see all the flags correctly, but it's more expensive.  So, to each their own.

If you haven't used this sheet or one like it before to keep score of all the games then you are missing out.  By keeping track of all the outcomes, it adds a level of excitement to the entire tournament.

I've also added some links in the drop-down menu above just in case.

As always, this is free of charge.  I hope you enjoy it!


Hello guys, I use to bet with my team for all the soccer tournament, world cup and Euro in a spreadsheet. But, this year, I try something new! that's why, if you’d like to bet with friends or colleagues on all the Euro 2016 matches, you could consider this table:
Just share the table with your friends and bet for your favorite teams. RowShare, as a football fan, will automatically compare your bets with the actual results in live and update your points.
Each guest will see your group’s bets, but will only be allowed to edit his own.
So, begin a challenge with your team or friends. May the best win!

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