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Copa America Centenario - Free Poster

Copa America 2016 Bracket Interactive Schedule Score Sheet Free Poster Download
If you're like me at all, then you love international soccer events and you love to keep score of all major international tournaments.  So, I'm sharing what I create to help myself keep track of all the action.

The kickoff game for Copa America is June 3rd.  I can't hardly wait.  Here are links to the full-sized, high resolution PDF and PNG versions of the score sheet pictured here to the right.  They're pretty big files because I designed them to be printed at 24 inches by 36 inches.  Staples will print this as an "engineering print" (black & white) at that size for only $3.  Printing in color is best so that you can see all the flags correctly, but it's more expensive.  So, to each their own.

I also made a poster for the Euro 2016 tournament.  You should grab it, too. If you haven't used this sheet or one like it before to keep score of all the games then you are missing out.  By keeping track of all the outcomes, it adds a level of excitement to the entire tournament.

I've also added some links in the drop-down menu above just in case.

As always, this is free of charge.  I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for the awesome poster, can't wait for the insanity to start - what a summer of soccer - Copa America Centenario, Euro 2016 and Summer Olympics!!

thank you! by any chance are you making the Euro 2016? thanks again

It would be perfect if you would have spelled Colombia correctly. "It is Colombia not Columbia"

I wasn't planning on making one for Euro 2016, but I very well may now.

I spelled Colombia incorrectly on the score sheet! That's embarrassing. I have fixed my error, though. Thanks, Anonymous! I updated both forms of the score sheet without the need to update the links, so feel free to download the score sheet again to get the version without my misspelling. Sorry, Colombia.

UPDATE: Per a request, I have created a Euro 2016 Score Sheet, as well. You can find it in both PDF and PNG format free to download in the drop-down menu at the top of this screen (Downloads > GIMP Creations)

The poster looks awesome, but could you make one with the game times in US East Coast time? It probably wouldn't require much work to just change the game times. Thanks!

Thanks for your comment. I'll fix any errors in the sheet, but I won't be making multiple versions for different time zones. I chose to use local time for each game which was how I found it in a schedule online.

Thank you Levi for making this great poster!
Printed 2 in color at Staples for $11, my son and his friend love them!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the sheet!!!! I thought I might have to make one, but I decided to google first.

I printed these out on 36x26 gloss paper. The colors pop and the resolution is excellent. They look fantastic. Thank you, Thank you

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