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The '59 Comes Home

The '74 with the '59 stacked up on the trailer.
When we sold our house last December we bought another.  We did this on the same day so for a few hours we were homeless.  While, obviously, a few hours of being homeless during a nice afternoon doesn't cause any suffering or struggle like that typically associated with homelessness, it does, however, cause an incredible amount of work for a family moving from one 4-bedroom home to another.

We had two options:
  1. Rent as many U-Haul trucks as it would take to put everything on trucks while we closed on both properties. (Probably would have required 2 of the largest available trucks.)
  2. Rent as many storage units as it would take to put everything in storage while we closed on both properties.
Delivering a load from storage to our new shop.
We went with option #2 and rented storage units.  It took four of them and we really put the '74 Ford to work.  Our reasoning was simple but the work was very difficult.  This option forced us to move everything twice, once into the storage units and once back out.  The simple reasoning for choosing this option was that any number of things could have arisen on closing day that would have caused a delay and an unplanned reschedule.  If everything we owned at that time was sitting in U-Haul trucks, we would be forced to move it into storage at that time to return the trucks or pay for extended truck rental.  Either way, it could have been financially devastating if a delay occurred.  But, one didn't.  Oh well.  Better safe than sorry, right?

One thing that didn't get put into storage was the '59 Ford.  It went to my wife's aunt's field behind her house.  I never intended to leave it there beyond a week from moving, but you know what they say about good intentions.  Lyric and I made two trips there last night to collect all but the front clip.

It is exciting to have the '59 back at home with me.  It's now making friends with the '84 sitting mere feet away that will soon selflessly donate it's chassis and power train to reviving the '59, upgrading it with 25-year newer equipment.

Lyric, once again, was a big help.  He's become my little go-to for help moving big ticket items that require engineering-minds and tools to move in place of brawn.  Couldn't have done it without him.


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