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When I have a down moment at some point in the day where I'm not doing anything specific, it's not uncommon that I hop onto Google news or my local KY3 news site to see what is happening in the world outside of my little bubble.  Today, I did this, and read no articles.  Instead, I had a comment for several of the headlines without even getting into the article.  I thought that I would share my comments and the headlines for which they were made.

To whom are you apologizing?  To Republicans?  I thought it was well understood that it could only be Republicans who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries, in the first place.  So, it looks like they got who they wanted.  No apologies necessary.

Ok.  Let's get things straight.  Hillary better be targeting them with her scope's crosshairs because, of the Republicans that don't like Donald Trump, 100% of them are staunchly against another Clinton presidency of any gender.  Sorry, Hillary.  They'd rather write in their own names for the presidency than vote for you.  They may dislike Trump and fear what it means to have him become President, but its a fear of the unknown.  They know exactly what nonsense you would bring to the White House and will avoid it tooth and nail.  They'll come around eventually and support their party for the sake of  'merica.

What about the paradox of "new fossils"?  Come on, science, every time you try to solve a problem of logic with your world view, you create ten more.  Do some root cause analysis and quit trying to shine up and clean your piece of poop.  It's not going to clean up.  It's poop.

Was the usage of the word "crack" here a pun?  Combined with the photo, I can't help but wonder if they're attempting word association here to get people on board.  A week ago they're writing in support of a high school junior girl (probably 16) who thinks she's a boy and wants to give her access to all boys' things like bathrooms and such.  So, a 16 year old is old enough and wise enough to decide what sex she is despite her biology, but that same teenager isn't trusted to make the decision of whether or not she should smoke a legal substance?  Hope she doesn't get the crap beat out of her in that boy's bathroom.  Welcome to the world of boyhood, little girl.  You'd probably be safer taking a "crack" at that pipe.


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