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World Cup 2014 - Free Poster

The week after the draw, I created a poster using the open-source photo editing software GIMP.  I put it together for my own personal use but thought that some soccer fans such as myself might also like to have it.  So here it is in JPG format and PNG format.  Only 29 days left before the action begins!

This was designed to be printed at 24" x 36".  It can be printed smaller, but some of the text can become difficult to read at smaller sizes, particularly the dates of the games.

I printed mine at Staples for $3 plus tax at 24" x 36".  If you would like to do the same, you can upload the PNG format to the Staples website and have it printed as a black and white engineering print like I did.

I'll also have the links available long term in my downloads drop-down lists at the top of my blog.



Thanks, Levi, my printer does his work as we speak :)

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This is an amazing chart, but if i could have a colored version that would be amazing.

a colored version would be impressive

Glad to see so many people making use of this. Sorry for the lack of color. I built the file in color, but didn't want to pay a lot for its printing, so I printed it at Staples for $3 as an engineering print. Those are in grayscale hence the desaturation. I evidently saved the file that way and can't find a previous colored version. The World Cup starts tomorrow and so I'm party planning and won't have time to add color back. But, I'll certainly oblige for future tournaments, so bookmark my blog and check back before all future tournaments. And, I'm not against taking specific requests. :)

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