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Over this last weekend, I had a new blog take over the first place spot on my list of blogs with the most all-time views.  Congrats, World Cup Excitement - Free Download on topping the list.  You shot to the top with a bang.

If you'll notice the dates on the blogs that made this list, you'll see that it took these others many years to accumulate as many views as they have.  But, I posted my most popular blog just six months ago.

Now, the reason for the popularity is quite obvious.  I added the words "free download" to the blog.  It's not the first time that I've created something to give away, but it is the first time that I've added this phrase to the blog with which I was creating the platform to give the item away.  So, I guess, my marketing is getting better.  Of the 1,005 page views, 232 people clicked the link and previewed the custom built Microsoft Excel World Cup game tracker that I was giving away.  Of those 232 people that previewed it, 195 people chose to download it for their personal use.

Pretty cool.  195 people out there will be enjoying the World Cup this year a little more as they have a fun and organized way to keep track of the progress of all the games being played.  Why do they need a game tracker, you ask?  Because the World Cup is a total of 64 games being played in 30 days.  Because, that translates to a minimum of 96 hours of game play.

#2 on the list of blogs with the most all-time views is Home Mortgage Early Payoff Calculator.  This is also a blog in which I gave away a custom-built Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  This one was for homeowners who would like to see what impact paying a little more on their monthly house payment would make on the length of their loans.  Unlike many online calculators, this one gives exact results with an endless amount of variables so you can customize what you want to pay and when.  Apparently giving stuff away is always popular.

I'm not sure why my deck stairs blog was so popular.  I suspect that it's because building a staircase is one of those math things that people have trouble with so before beginning such a home project, many people (like me) consult the Internet for tips.

#4 only became popular well after I wrote it because the individual who I was writing about wound up in a scandal later on.  Apparently, when people were Googling his name, my blog would come up.  Because I wasn't addressing the scandal, they likely didn't even bother to read my blog beyond discovering it was unrelated.

The fifth and final of my most popular blogs was a Pinterest-style repurpose that I did with a nice (but non-working) computer monitor that I bought for practically nothing gambling on whether it would work or not.  It may not of worked for me in the way of its original purpose, but I gave it new life when I turned it into a pretty cool picture frame.


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