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New Memorial Day Tradition?

Last Saturday, Jodi and I got to work on our bedroom.  I finally got around to hanging the closet doors.  While I was doing it, I got to thinking about it and suspected that it was Memorial Day 2013 when I framed and drywalled the closets.  A quick search of my blog confirmed it (click the link to see that blog with the before and during pictures).  So, an entire year passed between building the doorways and putting doors in them.  Sheesh.

It also took me all day to do it.  This was my own fault.  I purposefully framed the doorways according to my drawing that called for a 48" wide hole for two 24" wide doors..  I just got excited during the framing process and forgot to account for the trim.  I framed to the finished opening measurements.  Add to that, I completely dropped the ball somehow on my opening heights.  They match each other quite well, but are a full 3 inches shorter than standard height doors.  I still don't know at what point I made that failure.

All this added up to me having to trim down the standard 24" doors to make them work.  It all worked out in the end, but the end should not have been at the end of the day and wouldn't have been if I had made everything right in the beginning.  If I hadn't successfully made the doors work I'd be really beating myself up right now.  But, given that they look and function well, I let myself off the hook.

It's pretty momentus for us, really.  Since we moved into the house in March of 2007, our clothes have hung on closet poles attached to the wall right out in plain sight.  It's like we were sleeping in a really large walk-in closet.  I've grown so accustomed to them this way over the course of the last 7+ years that our room looks considerably strange and empty without the clothes in view.  I'll learn to get used to it.  And, despite the unfamiliarity of the apparent emptiness, I enjoy the organization and the wide-open feel.

We were supposed to work on the house all weekend. But, we only worked the one day and were surprised with an invite to a river cabin for the rest of the long weekend.  We just couldn't refuse and it felt good to act on a spontaneous impulse to go relax off the grid for a couple days.


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