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Really Coming Together

Just as the title states, the deck is really coming together.  I apologize for the fuzzy photos.  They were all taken in the dark.

As of last night, I managed to knock out the last of the stairs.  Then, I got a great start on the privacy fence.  I got two sections done (minus the top part that will come later).  As you can see, Jodi was adding the first privacy boards to the fence and having a lot of fun doing it.  I love my home renovator wife. :)

This is the part that I really like, because up until now, I've essentially been building a platform pedestal for us to be easily spotted from the street.  This fence makes the whole thing seem like a personal haven.  And, I also feel that it makes it feel bigger.  I thought that maybe the opposite would be true, but it's not.

These next two photos were literally taken in the dark at about 6:20 this morning.  I put the Canon on a tripod and had to set the shutter at 4 seconds with my lowest aperture lens, the 50mm.  I apparently moved the camera on the stair photo, but the fence photo came out alright.

No, the house in the background is not on fire.  They have a back porch light that lit up their backyard tree and the long exposure exaggerated its effect.  Also, in the photo, you get to see our brand new deck fire pit.  We bought it off of Craigslist.  It's not even been used and we got it for $30!  I'm guessing that the reason it hadn't sold earlier was because the seller called it a "fire pitt".  By doing so, it wouldn't have come up in searches.  Thankfully, I searched just "fire" anticipating that some people might call them different things.  To the owner's credit, she was Asian and English was, no doubt, a second language.  Also, there was no photo in the ad.  She texted me photos at my request and I was like, "Yes, please!"

When we get the deck done, I plan on climbing up on my garage roof for a great all-encompassing photo of the finished result.  Until then, I'll try to remember to take photos while it's still daylight.

Here's a quick link to the next deck update blog.


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