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10th Yeariversary

Yesterday, was Jodi's and my tenth yeariversary.  I've explained what a yeariversary is before, I'm sure, but to those of you who don't know: it's the anniversary to the day we met.  It started with weekiversary then transitioned to monthiversaries.  You get the idea.

Why do we celebrate that day, you ask?  Probably, because it's pretty much when we fell in love.  I say 'pretty much' because love is more than just a moment of infatuation.  It's more than just a connection being made.  It's not a moment in time, so to speak.  You know exactly when you fell down the stairs.  Falling in love isn't so easy to pinpoint to a specific moment in history.  So, we use the day we met since our love most certainly started that day and only grew from there.

To celebrate, we took the children with us out in the cold and snow to downtown.  We had some yummy sushi at Izumi Hatake.  We ordered:
  • California Roll
  • Philly Roll
  • Philly Tempura Roll
  • Rainbow Roll
  • Jurassic Park Roll
  • Passion Roll
  • Seaweed Salad
A big order, yes, but that's how we roll.  Get it?  It's our new favorite sushi place in town.  Ralph and Gail Irwin turned us on to it.  Our favorite was the Philly Tempura Roll.  It's probably also the least good for you.  It's fried.  But, it's super good.  The Rainbow Roll was kind of too sweet.  Jurassic Park is great.  I've yet to have a bad Jurassic Park anywhere.  Kai and Haruno also make the Jurassic very well.  The Passion was good, but maybe not our favorite.  It has some great sauce with it, though.  Lyric liked the California and the Philly. It turns out that Ezra is just a California girl.  She didn't like the creamed cheese or the salmon on the  Philly Roll.

We ended the night with a comedy on our new comfy furniture.

I love my wife.  She's the coolest, funniest, and hottest person I know.  The last ten years have been nothing short of awesome.  Looking forward to eternity with her.

P.S.  It's also the day that I bought my '59 Ford truck.  I pretty much love it, too. :)


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