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Secret Vacation

I love going on vacation.  But, then again, who doesn't?  It's seriously hard to contain myself.  As I write this it's the Wednesday before we leave for our trip.  Only I can't post this blog.  Why not?  Because I'd rather not announce to the world that I'm not going to be home for a week.  I'd like to come home to a house that's in the same condition we left it.

And this is my dilemma.  I might as well already be on vacation since my mind is already there.  But, I can't talk about it at all with anyone except my wife. And, this I have done quite a bit.  She's very excited, too.

The excitement is not at all just that I'm off of work.  Though, I'm glad to get a break.  The real excitement is that we're doing something that we've never done before.  We're taking a family vacation.  Honestly, we've never done that before.  All five of us will be loading the car down with all of our travel gear and be heading to the east coast to see friends, tour our nation's capital, and enjoy a road trip for the first time.  I even built a DIY roof rack out of EMT electrical conduit on top of the car to hold all of our luggage so that we can stretch out and be more comfortable inside the car.

Jodi and I have been to Myrtle Beach, SC for our honeymoon.  And, we recently came back from Haiti for a vacation/mission trip.  We've taken a few trips with our children to visit family.  But, we've never gone on a trip for the purpose of vacation with all our children.  So, we're super psyched up about it.  It will be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, if you're reading this, that means that we're actually done with our trip and we're home already since I have to wait to post it until we get back.  The good news is that shortly after this blog should be plenty of posts showing many of the things that we did.  Pictures.  Stories.  Memories.  :)


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