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Hot Off The Press!

While in Virginia, we stayed with our good friends, the Andersons.  We're coffee drinkers and they evidently aren't.  But, they are great hosts!  They didn't have a drip coffee maker but what they did have was infinitely better:  a french press.

I didn't actually have any experience with a french press so to make some coffee I had to resort to the wisdom of YouTube.  Within minutes, though, I was well on my way to making some of the tastiest coffee I have had in a long while.  Why has someone not turned me on to these before?!

It was pretty much just as easy to make coffee with this thing than a standard drip coffee maker.  It actually took less time to make it.  And, yet, it is way better than what I have waited impatiently for to come out of my drip coffee maker at home.  The best part was that Jodi helped Chena reorganize her kitchen over the course of several hours.  And, they discovered that they actually had two french presses.  And, they sent us home with one of them.  Yay!

Coffee will never be the same at the our house.  Even away from our house for that matter.  Now, we're all set up to make coffee while camping.  If you're a coffee drinker and you haven't tried one of these, I suggest you go buy one.  You won't be disappointed.


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