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5 Years & 300 Blogs

I actually started blogging on MySpace back when MySpace was all the rage. But, in August of 2006, I decided to go pro and get an actual blog site rather than continue to use the blogging option on my social networking page. Not long after that I decided to scrap my MySpace page altogether. I was growing increasingly bored with it.

So, now it's been five years since I moved to Blogger. And, this is the 300th Blogger blog that I've written. I feel like maybe I should celebrate in some way, but I'm not sure what to do. I could give away "the words" T-Shirts to the first 50 people that comment on this blog, but I don't have any "the words" T-Shirts to give away. They don't even exist. I just GIMPed this together.

I'd like to play a blog game of some sort. I did that for my birthday last year. It was a Celebrity Guessing Game full of celebrities who were all my age. You had to name them all just from their head shots. It was sort of fun to make. My brother-in-law, Chris Steward, won that one. I did another just like it a couple years before that when I was turning 29. I used a different set of celebrities that time. My beautiful wife won that game.

So, what game can we play? I've done celebrities twice so it's time for something new. How about the first person to decode some Mad Gab phrases?! That should be fun. If you don't know how to play Mad Gab, don't worry. It's easy. Just read the phrase and decide what phrase it really sounds like. For example: "Sit Jerk Lock" is really "Set Your Clock" and "Shack Each Anne" is really "Jackie Chan." Get it? Let the games begin!

The first person to type all the answers into a comment wins the opportunity to choose my next blog topic. But, don't play unless you will actually pick a blog topic for me. :)

  1. Dawned Hutch Debt Aisle
  2. Arrow Man Tick Calm Eddy
  3. Pen Silly Raise Her
  4. Thug Yet His Burger Dress
  5. Bah Kin These Addle Ache Ken
  6. Shake Key Low Kneel
  7. Lie Fizz Booty Fell
  8. Wheel Fair El
  9. Sent Tom Hanukah
  10. Mike Lion Tis Inner Scent


Don't touch that dial
A romantic comedy
pencil eraser
The Gettysburg address
Back in the saddle again
shaquille oneil
Life is beautiful
Will Ferrell
Santa Monica
My client is innocent

I got them too! But I guess it's a little too late. :( :)!

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