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There was a time (before meeting Jodi and having some accountability) when I ate Chinese food about three times a week on average. And, I do mean on average. There were weeks that I hit five times. I admit it. So, it goes without saying that I really like Chinese food, I think. My wife can attest to the fact that any time someone brings up getting food from somewhere or going out to eat that my mind, by default, goes straight to those deep fried little pieces of sweet sauce covered heaven.

So, imagine my surprise upon finding a restaurant that I like more than Chinese. Or maybe I should be more specific since the restaurant in which I found to be better is technically Chinese as well. HuHot is relatively new to Springfield and the only reason that I hadn't gone before was due to the fact that someone had told me about it and compared it to Nakato. So, I pictured just another "remove your shoes, please" sort of place.

However, it's not like that at all. It's a nice modernly laid out business with all the dramatic lighting you would expect to find in a successful, growing nationwide chain of restaurants. And, your shoes are expected to stay on for the course of the dining experience, so that's nice. But, of course, the food is what makes the place a landmark. It's a huge Mongolian Barbecue. You go through a line that passes a buffet of uncooked food, of which you fill bowls with to your heart's content. Then, you pass a buffet of nothing but sauces and oils, then it's on to the grill. You watch as four or five cooks mechanically, and skillfully cook and plate your food for you in about a minute. It's healthy for you because it's all MSG free, it's mostly vegetables that you wind up with, it's cooked fresh, and it's cooked without the use of oils and grease. It's a welcome healthy alternative to the scores of other restaurants that may taste good, but leave you feeling much larger than you felt before having gone. Also, it's fun to get experimental with the sauces and see what great new tastes you can come up with by mixing the different flavors together. I'm getting a craving for it just writing about it.

It's definitely my new favorite restaurant, replacing New China Buffet. Sorry, old friend, but you're old hat. Maybe, I will visit you every so often when I am feeling nostalgic, but don't leave a place for me at the table.

If you haven't tried HuHot yet, you should. And, If you feel like you can't do it on your own and need a tour guide, I'm available and willing to help you along the way for the low, low price of covering the cost of my meal.


You forgot to mention the ~amazing~ grill that they cook the food on, right in front of you. It's a ~huge~ wheel of HOT steel, that I'd have to say is quite dangerous to be around, that demands respect of it's chef. ALSO, the price is really great for what you get: fresh, unlimited food and a wonderful experience. I LOVE HUHOT!!!!

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