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Missing Cat

Our cat, Tracker, has been missing now for 14 days. Two weeks ago, I let him out while I was getting ready for work. Then, I let him back in as I was leaving. That was the last I saw of him. Jodi let him out later that day and he's never returned. I walked all around the neighborhood, but saw no sign of him anywhere. Jodi went to both the animal shelter and the Humane Society the next day and saw a lot of sad faces but not Tracker's.

I hate to speak of him as if he were gone for good, but it's time I quit looking out the door for him. I keep expecting that sooner or later he'll have climbed the screen door again (which always irritated us) and be sitting in the glass section above the door waiting for us to let him in.

Tonight, I'll make a couple posters to put up around the neighborhood just in case some one around us did take him captive unknowingly. If we don't hear anything by the new year I'll clean out his food bowl and litter box and put them away in the basement. Maybe, it's just as well that he did leave us. With the baby on the way, it's safer not to have a cat. I figure that someone "took him in" not knowing that he had a home to go to. Though we had one for him, we never made him wear a collar or anything so there was nothing other than his perfect health and well-fed body to show that he did have a home.

Who knows? Maybe the posters will work. Or maybe he'll show back up someday. We'll see.


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