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Sushi Night

Last night we made sushi again. It was awesome! It keeps getting better and better every time we make it. And, we're getting faster with it, which is a good thing since sushi can seem to take forever to make. Here's a picture of just some of the rolls we made. We went a little overboard and made a total of 13 rolls. We had California rolls, eel rolls, shrimp rolls, and we even tried Mahi Mahi rolls both cooked and raw. We also made seafood sauce and used store bought wasabi mayonnaise and eel sauce to dip it all in. It was all delicious.

We made so much of it, though, that we also had it for breakfast and lunch today, not that we're complaining. It's the fastest breakfast and lunch there is since you're supposed to eat it chilled anyway. From the fridge to my mouth. I guess that all the time that it takes to make is made up for all the time that is saved later with the left-overs.


mmmm....yummmy!! Call me next time...I wanna come!! I will help you eat it too! And bring some stuff :) It's a win-win situation!!


We love sushi, but have not ventured into making our own (seeing as how spaghetti is considered a luxury meal at our house:) We'll prob stick to overpriced sushi at restaurants, but kuddos to you guys - it looks great! Now I really wish we lived in Spfld & could be couple friends w/ you guys!

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