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Deck Stairs

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Earlier this week, Jacob and I commenced building our back deck stairs. We have no deck to speak of yet, but we didn't let that stop us. Since the salon/studio project that began in December '07 and was completed around February '08 we have had a back door that leads to a 4 1/2 foot drop off. Jodi and I decided that there was no reason that we couldn't go ahead and build some stairs for our back door since we can just simply move the stairs when we build the deck and attach them to the deck where the plans were calling for a staircase just like it. So, without any waste involved, we went ahead with putting them together.

Jacob and I got it done in about 5 hours. Having them done built up the inspiration to fixing a door handle to our back door. I already had a good exterior door handle in the basement so it was installed and in perfect working order in less than 20 minutes. I wish that I had thought of it a long time ago. Since installing the door we had a dead bolt in it but no door handle. I had just shoved a handful of insulation into the hole to keep the air out.

It's really nice to finally be able to use the back door that we so long ago installed. To put it into perspective for you, it's like buying a brand new iPod and then waiting 18 months to buy a set of headphones. Of course, this is only similar if the iPod didn't come with headphones. Which, I'm pretty sure that they all do. So, you'll have to use your imagination to make this analogy work. Well, maybe it's just a bad analogy in the first place. A better one is like buying a brand new car and waiting 18 months to buy some gas for it. Except, that the car probably had at least a little gas in it to begin with, otherwise how else could you have brought it home. In the driving home you would've been able to use it. Hmm. Maybe I should just stop with the analogies.


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