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I fear that If I talk about Studio Living Room or photography in general any more that people might get the impression that this is merely a company blog page designed for the purpose of promoting itself. However, recently I've been really busy with events and even busier with editing the photos from those events so I don't have much else to talk about. I'm not sure how many collective hours I have spent touching up photos this month, but I feel that my eyes have definitely been working overtime.

My most recent job was for Battlefield Lanes here in Springfield. They recently got a contract for ten billboards around town promoting their bowling alley, and they were looking for someone to take some action photos and some shots of their facility for use on these billboards. Well, it was a friend of mine who hooked them up with the billboard contract and he then recommended me when they asked if he knew any professional photographers. So, that was cool. I interviewed for the job and got it.

The photo shoot went well and it was neat to be involved in some commercial work. Another bonus was that one of the photos that the general manager really wanted was of a small child bowling. They had a plan already for this photo but the intended subject couldn't make it when we did the shoot. So, we just did without. I suggested that we could use my kids and they thought that that was a great idea. Jodi then thought it would be nice if we could do it before the billboard designs got finished so that they could use it as they had originally planned. So, I negotiated with them and in exchange for me returning with my family to take a few photos of them bowling we got to bowl that night completely for free. Lyric had never been bowling before and was a lot less interested in it than I thought he would be. Like most kids, he's always loved playing with balls (or "deesh" in his language) and so I thought for sure that he would get a big kick out of bowling. But he did just that. He kept trying to kick the ball rather than roll it. We did get some good shots of him even so.

Free bowling was good, but the real bonus will be if Jodi, Jacob, or Lyric or some combination of the three find their faces on a billboard somewhere. I thought that it would be cool just to have my work displayed on a billboard, so how much cooler is it to have my wife and kids on one. That would be something for the scrapbook. Anyway even if my blog page is the only place they're used they're still out there. Here are some of the pics from the shoot. Of course, most of the pictures I took for them weren't of us but I'm including mostly ones of us because I'm biased like that.

Also, stay tuned. I've been editing the Des Moines wedding and it is turning out beautiful. My best yet.


You have a such a beautiful family!! What a fantastic opportunity for all of glad to hear that the photography business is blooming for you. You are really great at it :) LOVED the photos you took. Jodi is gorgeous, Jacob is growing like a weed and looks like a mini-Levi and Lyric is such a cutie-patootie!! You go Feltons!!!


Man those are so good. They look straight from 417 Magazine. Totally professional - the lighting is amazing.

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