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Beauty Revisited

I wrote yesterday's blog and after proofreading it I watched the Dove commercial again even though it needed no proofwatching. I'm just amazed at the amount of work that went into making a beautiful model picture that didn't even resemble the woman that was an attractive woman already. Afterwards, I noticed the short list of related videos that YouTube attempts to entice the viewer with. Several were other examples of extreme makeovers using Photoshop. I chose one and watched it.

Impressed as I was, I ended the short video slightly upset because I noticed the author was using tools found in Photoshop that were awesome. See, I don't use Photoshop. I use GIMP. And, I'd never found those tools in GIMP. Which, if GIMP had these tools, my work of editing photos would be much simpler with a better finished product as well. But, then I had an epiphany. Despite my well-rounded experience with GIMP, I still don't use all the features. I thought maybe there is a GIMP equivalent to these Photoshop tools.

I Googled a description of what the tool was doing and after a few clicks found the name of the Photoshop tool. I then Googled the tool name with GIMP. First try was a charm. I found a forum of someone asking for the equivalent and receiving direction as to which tool will perform that same function in GIMP. YAY!

So then I had to try this method out for myself to see if I could do in GIMP what this guy had done in Photoshop. I saw that he got his photo from Stock Exchange which is a free stock photo website. I searched "girl face" and wound up finding the exact photo he used and decided to use it as well for easy comparison purposes for our finished products.

Below is the video that the guy did, the original photo from stock exchange, and my edited version completely performed in GIMP. So much for Photoshop being a little bit better than GIMP.

What I did: gave her a nose job, plucked her eyebrows, fixed her terrible eye make-up, gave her green eyes, changed her lipstick, gave her a tan, got rid of the mark on her face (whatever that was), smoothed out her skin, reshaped her face and skull, pinned her ears back a little, whitened her teeth, rounded out her shoulders, changed the background which got rid of all her stray frizzy hair, and added a little color to her cheeks to give the slight illusion of cheek bones. So, what do you think?


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