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On The Road Again

Well, we are finally back home for good. And I finally get to use this map I made showing our August Wedding Extravaganza. I made this map the week before the four weddings began to show the distance that we would be traveling. But, in an effort to avoid a possible break-in to our home in our absence, I decided to not go into detail about how far we were going to be going away and when we'd be gone on a public web page. But, now that we are home, I have no problem posting this. The blue lines represent us heading towards our destinations and the red ones are for when we were heading home. The four weddings were in Springfield, MO, Eureka Springs, AR, Climax, MI, and Des Moines, IA. The only time we veered off path was on the way home from Michigan when we stopped off in Chicago to hang out for a few hours in Millennium Park. But, since I went into some detail on that in one my last blogs I won't bore you with telling the tale again.

Our most recent trip to Des Moines went really well. We took Lyric for this one and he did pretty well on the trip considering his age. He really doesn't like his car seat after having to spend hours at a time in it. The wedding went really well. We got a lot of pictures and since it was a bright church the majority of them are going to need little to no editing which is good for me. That's usually the biggest time consuming part to a wedding is the post production. It was also good to get to hang out with Chris and Jessica again. I'm glad that they let us come and crash at their pad while we were there. It was pretty funny because they keep a very nice and orderly home and we showed up and turned it into a zoo of kids' toys and clothes everywhere. But, we had a lot of fun just hanging out at the house, walking around downtown, and touring the Capital Building. Once I get all these wedding photos edited and sent off, I'll post some pictures from our Des Moines trip. So stay tuned.


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