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Nice Choices, America

Maybe I'm just getting older and wiser, but it sure seems that presidential elections have been getting more and more ridiculous in this country with every passing four years. I was already extremely unhappy with the candidates that both the Republican and Democratic parties chose, but with the events that have taken place in the last 24 hours I'm disgusted.

Last night I watched 15 minutes or so of Barack Obama's acceptance speech officially becoming the Democratic Presidential Candidate Nominee. I have to give the guy credit on his speech. His speech seemed unread and unrehearsed. It was motivating, moving, and exciting. Not for me, but obviously for everyone there. I can easily see what all the democrats see in him. Now that I've given him kudos enough, let me point out that (of what I saw) it was the same old garbage eloquently spilled out before us again: change, fewer and lower taxes for lower and middle class, change, no more tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas, change, removal of tax-supported programs that don't work, change, adding back tax-supported programs that supposedly will work, change, aiding start-up companies for small business, change, change, change...

We've heard it before. Once again the world is putting their hopes in a man who is promising to fix what has been broken by those who promised the same things. The only real change here is the name that follows the title "President". Obama openly admitted that his promises will cost a lot of money, but he promises that all the money that is needed will easily come from the programs that he will cut. Well, I don't know about you, but that makes me feel a lot better (sarcasm). I've got an idea: how about cutting the programs that don't work just like you said, but then don't start any new ones that are destined to fail. Want to cut taxes? There's your answer. If everyone had the huge amount of money that is taken from them by our government then I'm sure that we'd see a lot less poverty and an amazing amount of prosperity practically overnight.

John McCain's actions today really takes the cake, though. Did you hear? He chose his VP running mate. HER name is Sarah Palin. HER. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and looked up her record and what she stands for and all, but mostly my suspicions weren't squashed by what I found. I suspect what almost all of America is suspecting right now: McCain picked a woman as his VP since Obama didn't and now he thinks that all the women who were going to vote for Obama because of Clinton will now vote for him because of Palin. What a joke. All women should be offended right now. McCain's campaign clearly thought that this would be a good tactic. After all if Obama becomes President then he'll be the first minority to make it into office. How can McCain compete with that? He can be responsible for having the first woman as VP. That's how.

I'm usually worried when things like this happen because I'm afraid that there will be some morons out there who will fall into the obvious trap laid out in front of them, but this time I'm not. This time the trap is way too big and way too obvious and despite what previous experience teaches me I doubt that anyone is as stupid as McCain thinks they are. McCain's biggest point against Obama was his lack of experience and now he's gone off and picked a VP who has less experience than Obama. I guess we won't be hearing McCain pointing that out anymore.

Here are my predictions: McCain's campaign will fail miserably. It won't be very close. Obama with his eloquent speech by his side will be ushered into the White House. Bush will retire with his oil buddies and laugh at us for years to come. And, finally, Ron Paul will write another book pointing out all the ways America has gone wrong and 30 years from now people will read it and wonder why America was so blind, that is if Americans can still read after the "No Child Left Behind" act has done its full damage.


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