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Vhistle Vhile You Vork

I have been one busy boy these last few weeks. I was named Materials Manager for a new poject going on at work and it has required a lot of hours from me so far. We're getting everything set up to build 60 engines per day, so naturally there is a lot of things to work out to make that happen. I have broken a couple of my own records. The first one was working a 16 hour shift. Previously, my record was having worked 13 hours in one sitting, so I think that I can safely say that I blew that out of the water with showing up at 5:00 am and leaving at 9:00 pm. The other record was having worked 31.5 hours overtime last week giving me a total of 71.5 hours worked in one week. The previous record for me there was 65 hours.

I have to work this Saturday, but I should have loads of free time Saturday evening in which I plan on writing a blog. I've no idea what it will be about, but one will be written and I will feel normal again even if just for a moment.

On a sidenote, Lyric turns 8 months today. Happy 2/3 birthday, Lyric!


He's such a cutie.

Congrats on all the record breaking you've been doing. Don't overwork yourself.

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