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Don't Believe The Lies

I went to read at lunch today which is not uncommon at all, but got sidetracked very quickly with one of the first points the author was making.  I had never previously considered this point so my mind started reeling with the consequences of it.  I couldn't just keep reading.  I felt a blog coming on.

The book I am reading is The Good Life by Trip Lee.  It's a tiny little book, but so far has been pretty good.  Any book that has truth in it and shines light on areas to help me develop true theology is a good one.  And, while the book may be physically small, it has had some huge insight for which I will be eternally grateful.

Trip Lee states in Chapter 4, "He (Jesus) didn't believe lies like you and me, but He lived in light of the truth."  In a cursory reading, I may have missed this little gem.  And, perhaps, it doesn't stand out to you because you've always known this.  But, for me, I never considered it.

We all know that Jesus spoke the truth.  I mean, He was IS the truth.  What I hadn't thought about was that He didn't believe the lies.  He never believed any lie.  Let that sink in for a second.

See, we all believe lies.  We get told lies ... we believe them ... we find out that they are lies ... and we stop believing them.  That's best case scenario.  Most often, perhaps because of pride, we would rather hold onto the lie and go on believing that we weren't dense enough to get fooled in the first place.  We doubt the truth when we hear it.  We test it extensively and demand proofs, when in reality we never asked for this kind of evidence when we initially accepted the lie.  We're being inconsistent to protect our pride.  That's terrible, but it's not worst case scenario.

Worst case scenario, is that we are so fearful of being shown our folly that we not only deny the truth when it gets presented to us, but we set out to preach the lie and make converts to appease our insecurity in the lie we're protecting.  We demean and slander those who present us the truth, anything to make the lie we believe more believable.

Jesus, though, didn't believe lies.  He didn't accept untruths and later have to unlearn them, like us.  I don't know what that would be like.  None of us do, I guess.  However, He is, indeed, truth.  And, the more we know Him, the more we know truth.

I'm thankful for the truth I know and can stand on.  It doesn't promise to grant me notoriety, riches, or fame.  But, it has inherent hope.  Hope for a future.  I'm thankful that I have been presented this truth through grace.  Since, I know I didn't earn it.


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