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Remembering 9/11

I won't gloss over September 11th with some nostalgic desire to fulfill my "feel like a victim" tank.  Neither will I bolster some internal hatred towards Arabic people.  But, most certainly, I won't sit around today remembering the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 as the media and the United States government portrayed them in the weeks and months following that day.

There were many crimes committed that day, but they weren't primarily done with box cutters by men who hate the USA and were willing to die to make that known.  The crimes weren't an attack on the USA from outsiders, but rather it was the treasonous acts of many in our own government, media, and business sector who collectively blamed an easy scapegoat they knew the revenge-hungry Americans would swallow hook, line and sinker.

I remember shortly after learning the truth about that day, I was shocked at how elaborate the crime must have been to hide it so well.  But, not so long later, I was equally shocked at how these crimes were not carried out well at all.  They were terribly sloppy, leaving evidence to be found virtually everywhere.

But, despite all the evidence pointing to the true criminals, accepting it to be the truth is difficult to say the least.  It's immeasurably easier to believe that we were attacked, we never saw it coming, and we couldn't have done anything about it.  I would still like to believe that.  But, it's much too late for that.  Once you know, you know.  You can't un-know things.

Accepting that the official story is a known predicated lie is a blow to one's own pride.  "If this is true, then I am a fool for not seeing it sooner.  It must not be true then, because I am no fool."  But, that's just it, isn't it?  Let's say you believe the official story.  In that case, hypothetically speaking, if the government was involved in the carrying out of the events of 9/11 they would know us better than anyone.  They would know that you can swing the vast majority of citizens' beliefs about an issue or event simply by how you portray it.  If you control how the story is told, you can control how the viewer internally perceives it.  It's Psychology 101.

Think about it.  Ever watch the news?  Ever wonder why people read the news to us?  We could receive words on a screen or video clips with a narrator, but primarily, we watch people's torsos tell us what "matters".  Our minds watch their overly-dramatic facial expressions.  Like children who love to be read stories to by their parents, listening to the rises and falls of their parent's voice as they communicate the emotion found between the lines of the text, we sit and get stories told to us by heavily made up television journalists with well-practiced dramatic tones.  Our opinions form around those deliveries and we trust that what they said was true.  Statistics are read and we never question where they originate or who did their collecting.  Some talking head does some "investigative reporting" about a supposed crime and mentions condescendingly that "attempts to contact" the alleged criminal "have gone unanswered" and we immediately pass judgement, "They must be guilty!"

Make no mistake, our government knows this about us.  People in big business know this about us.  It's how they get elected: by playing a role that we accept and support.  It's how their businesses get big: by selling us things we don't need or by recognizing ways to get us to invest.  If you can read people and know ahead of time how people will react to different things, you can manipulate them.

9/11 was a con.  We all got conned, myself included.  The question is: do you know that you got conned?  It's ok if you don't think that you did.  In fact, I may be a bit jealous of you.  Ignorance is bliss.  And, trust me, there are no cookies underneath any 9/11 rubble you turn over.  Any researching you do will not bring about any warm and fuzzies.  There is no pat on the back awaiting your arrival on this side of the fence.  So, if you are good with the official story of how 9/11 played out, then maybe you should just allow yourself to stay that way.

That said, I will seemingly contradict myself for your benefit when I say that you should watch this documentary.  It's made by a guy who, like me, didn't start questioning anything about 9/11 until some time after it happened.  It's really good in that he also talks about the kind of push back he got from friends and family, even his wife, when he started looking deeper into 9/11.  Even if you don't want to watch that documentary, you should watch this video if you haven't already.  It's a guy that is experimenting with thermite and it's amazing to watch if for nothing else than for the science experiment of it.


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