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Fascination With The End of the World

We Americans are no stranger to movies about the end of the world, but I find it odd when there are so many different apocalyptic films at one time in theaters.  It seems that America has had an insatiable appetite for seeing different depictions of one of three plot scenarios:

1. A tale of the world coming to the brink of destruction only to be saved by some unlikely hero.
2. A tale showing the world being detroyed by some uncontrollable force(s) yet following the lives of a surviving minority.
2. A post-apocalyptic tale of survivors of some world-destroying event.

In short, people want to see the before, during, and after of the earth being destroyed.  And, maybe it's not just America.  Maybe everyone everywhere enjoys being entertained with stories of cataclysmic destruction.

Well, one must look no further than the Bible for such stories.  For example, Noah and his family were the only survivors of a global flood (Genesis 6).  This flood dramatically and violently altered the landscape not just by drowning it, but by radically eroding it and depositing massive amounts of sedimentary layers burying both land and sea creatures.

There are many differing theories on biblical eschatology, yet the common denominator is that there will be a measured destruction of the earth (2 Peter 3:10) and that there will be a new earth (Isaiah 65:17, 2 Peter 3:13).

But, one doesn't have to be a Christian to be fascinated by the concept of a detroyed earth.  Evidently, as the presence of all these summer blockbuster movies pictured here that are currently in theaters would suggest, everyone is interested in experiencing a future loss of life as we know it, as long, of course, as we can experience it on the big screen.

The big difference between the two groups as it concerns the subject at hand is that while non-Christians may seek entertainment in theaters watching the almost, during, or aftermath of the destruction of the earth and chalk it all up to fiction and fantasy, Christians know that the destruction is inevitable, though the cause will be different.  It won't be a race of extraterrestrials come to claim property, flesh-eating zombies looking for a meal, or a Lex Luther looking for power through global dominance.  Regardless, the world will end.

Now, don't go using this as some excuse not to recycle or to run up a bunch of debt you have no intention of paying off.  No.  We are stewards of this earth.  And, it's our job to be responsible with it as well as with our finances.  Yes, the Bible talks a lot about that, as well.

I know what some of you are thinking.  You're like "what a Debbie Downer!"  Well, there is good news.  There may not be a non-fictional man from planet Krypton watching out for you or a gang of half-men-half-turtles in your local sewers or a group of mutant teenage do-good-ers living in some mansion at the ready to thwart humanity's newest nemesis.  But, there is a Savior.  There is One who laid down His life, paid our debt, overcame death, and offers us eternal life on His merits.  No fictional character has ever even attempted that.  His name is Jesus.  And, you can read about Him in the greatest comic book ever written, the Holy Bible.


Love it!! Such a great way to things into perspective, Levi!'s good to have you back. Now, to go read the others. :-):-)

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