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Brazil Wins Again

Brazil has won their fourth FIFA Confederations Cup.  This one makes three in a row for them.  Couple that with their five World Cup championships, and no one can doubt that they are not the leading country when it comes to competitive international soccer.  So, why don't I like them?

I say I don't like Brazil because they're not the underdog.  They're the overdog, if there were such a thing.  I say it's nothing personal.  It's just they always seem to be winning.

But, the truth is that my disdain for Brazil goes deeper than that.  Let us travel back in time to the year 1994.  [Insert funky time traveling sound effect]  I am 15 years old.  This is the first World Cup to which I would be paying attention.  And, this is the first World Cup ever to be hosted in the United States.  For most of my life I had received scorn for being a soccer player.  It was not a favored sport in this country and in my particular home town of Ozark, Missouri it was disrespected at some times and all but ignored most of the time.  But with the World Cup games being played in every major city throughout the U.S., soccer was finally getting its due attention.

Their were three major soccer giants in the tournament.  All three countries had each won three past World Cups.  They were Brazil, Germany, and Italy.  Two other countries sported two World Cup wins.  They were Argentina and Uruguay.

My favorite team is Germany.  I had seen one of their games and fell in love with their mathematically controlled playing style.  I love Italy because I always felt that the little bit of Italian blood coursing through my veins bonded me to the country somehow.  Of course, I hope the U.S. will do well, but we all know with the lack of public support for the sport, we are way behind every other country in developing a program.  I respect Brazil for their obvious talent, but have no ties to them otherwise.

Through the month of June, the 64 games get played with the final between Brazil and Italy.  Of course, I'm rooting for Italy.  The referee's stopwatch runs out with the two teams tied.  They go into the first overtime period.  Tied.  The second overtime.  Tied.  Then come the dreaded penalty kicks.  What a way to end a tournament.  The greatest tournament on earth.  Yet, that's how it ends with Brazil defeating my team and walking away with their fourth World Cup.  The only country to win four.

Fast forward to 2002.  Similar story, but this time Brazil beats Germany, my favorite team, in the final.  Now they've won five World Cups.  Fast forward to 2013, a couple weeks ago.  I somehow didn't know about the Confederations Cup, but when I found out, it didn't take me long to discover that the last Confederations Cup in 2009 the U.S managed to make it all the way to the final.  But they lost to ... you guessed it...  Brazil.

So, when you hear me say that I don't have anything against Brazil, please call me out on my blatant lie.  I may have to work on my unforgiveness.


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