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Somebody's Gotta Say It

Osama's dead. Everyone's talking about it. The media can't shutup about it. It's somehow the most satisfying news the U.S. has received in 20 years. People are literally singing in the streets.

Really? Am I supposed to feel like justice has been served by this death? Am I to feel more safe? Am I to sing praises to my country's government for this vengence-quenching gift? Am I to feel closure now?

Where are the answers to the questions that have been asked a thousand times? Where is the truth that is being obviously hidden from us all? Sure, there was a time when I was in support of the U.S. hunting down Osama. I, too, once blindly believed the media and our government's immediate and unwavering assessment of the events on 9/11. I, too, needed a scapegoat on which to vent my pent-up emotions. I, too, failed to consider that there may have been much more to the story in which we were all being given.

It all feels like the end of a really good suspense movie. Except that in this film the evil plan gets accomplished, the heroes never got cast, and we are all just the extras in the background along for the ride with no individual faces, personalities, or opinions. We're the lemmings who need a hero because we're too weak, too stupid, and too afraid.

Here are my top questions, though there are thousands more:

1) Was flight 93 shot down? It certainly didn't crash like we were all told. The "crash site" had no plane in it. It had no debris in it, either.

2) Why were we lied to about how the World Trade Center buildings came down? More evidence points to the use of explosives than anything else. There wasn't even anything wrong with WTC building 7 yeet it collapsed into its own footprint at freefall speed. Sorry, folks, nothing but controlled demolition can do that. That's just simple physics. To believe anything else is either willful ignorance or lemming stupidity. Nothing falls toward the earth at freefall speed along the path of most resistance let alone buildings constructed of concrete and steel.

3) For what reason (other than obvious cover-up) did the government haul the remaining pieces of WTC buildings to an undisclosed location only to scrap it all without allowing anyone other than themselves to view it all? Wasn't it all crime scene evidence and therefore illegal to dispose of, tamper with, or remove from the scene for that matter?

4) Why were the families of 9/11 victims given compensation but with the clause that excludes them from being able to raise litigation against or call for any investigation of the government's actions surrounding the events of 9/11? And why did the families of the victims who refused to accept compensation so that they could raise litigation against the government have their cases consolidated into one court case that was simply dismissed?

These are just four questions. There are lots more. None of these questions have been answered by either federal, state, or local governments. They have continued to avoid, distract from, and even silence those who have spoken out on the apparent untruths that our government has relied upon to maintain the secrecy of the events and the truth of how they really occurred.

As far as closure goes, we'll never really have it with 9/11. The death of Osama doesn't even begin to change that. For all the lies that we have been told, what makes us so sure that Osama had anything to do with it at all? Make no mistake, justice will be served. There's no doubt about that. But, it won't be in this life and it won't be by us.


I thought it was terrible that people were celebrating that someone had died. It is a lost soul. I do feel it was a victory against Al Quaeda though.

I am glad you brought these questions up. I don't really challenge them, but I do want to ask these questions:

Concerning question #1: How do you know there was no debris? How do we know that we only saw pictures after clean up?

Concerning question 2: I have found out that the buildings collapsed because most of the supporting structure was on the outside and the fire was hot enough to melt the steel and the impact of a multi-hundred mile an hour passenger jet is crazy strong. There is a building designed very similar in Chicago near Millennium Park. I think it is of the same design actually....and it is like an exoskeletal structure...maximizes inside space.

I would encourage you to find actual evidence to back these questions up. If you just have suspicion about the government it may drive you to find things that are not there to back up your don't be bias and if you can prove yourself then it is all the more powerful.

Hey, cool. Love comments, especially on debatable issues.

Answering question #1 - There are several photos that the FBI released. As a matter of fact, every photo you will find about it was released by the FBI, because law enforcement cordoned off the whole area and wouldn't allow media to get in. What we know about the scene is from two sources, the government's official report on the crash of Flight 93 and the accounts of the first responders and coroner. Everyone (including the government report) agree that there was virtually no debris.

Question #2 - Which building are you talking about? I'm specifically talking about Building 7. Even if (and I mean if) we secede that the fires brought down building 1 & 2, that doesn't leave any explanation for building 7. Fire brought it down? Come on. It would only be the third steel building in the world to collapse due to fire, preceded only by WTC buildings 1 & 2.

Anyway, I would encourage you to find actual evidence to back these answers up. If you just have suspicion about those who raise serious concerns it may drive you to find things that are not there to back up your don't be biased and if you can prove yourself then it is all the more powerful.

Sorry for the plagiarism, I had to do it. I have theories, for sure, but I didn't offer any. So, I have nothing to prove. I simply asked some questions designed to make you, the reader, do his/her own research to come up with your own conclusions rather than be bottle-fed mine.

I didn't know that the families were given hush money. I knew all the other stuff. Wow! I would tell them to take their hush money and shove it... you killed my family member. That makes me so mad.

To those who don't know what Levi is talking about, you need to search on youtube for video documentaries on this. Unfortunately, the internet is the only uncensored source of news anymore.

Love in Christ,
Rock (pseudonym name)

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