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Mother's Day

Mothers have it hard. Parenting in general is not easy, by any means. But, mothers definitely bear the burden that comes with raising children in a greater way than fathers do, in most cases.

Mothers have society working against them in many ways. Here in modern America, our culture paints a picture of the ideal woman. She is now in our mind's eye as a beautiful, young, strong-willed, independent, career-driven woman. But, does any woman fall into this category? And if they do, are they satisfied with their life? Really satisfied? I would bet that all women, everywhere, have felt inadequate at one time or another (if not always plagued by it) due to this social distortion of what a woman should be. I try to think of mother characters in movies and there aren't many that I come up with. The first ones that come to mind are portrayed in a negative way. Most of the women in movies that are portrayed in a positive light are single and childless. Even the happy endings where the women fall in love with men, don't usually show children even on the horizon. Honestly, there just aren't that many things in the media today that make mothers look good.

At least movies, books, television and other forms of entertainment that paint the ideal woman incorrectly have an excuse. They're all forms of fiction entertainment. Fiction is understandably fake.

But, let's get real, shall we? Mothers aren't rare or background fictional characters. They're everywhere. And they're, in most cases, the most important person in the next generation's lives. Think about that for a moment. Mothers not only bear the next generation for nine months, they shape it everyday with their endless and, all too often, thankless dedication. Mothers literally shape our future.

So, this Mother's Day, call or visit your mother. Thank her for giving you a future. And do something nice for all mothers you see. They deserve it. But, most importantly, don't limit your kindness and respect for mothers to Mother's Day.


IIIIII LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE YYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! You seriously made this Mother's Day the BEST EVER! He wouldn't let me cook/clean/hardly even BE in the kitchen. We had our family over and Lyric performed at church. OH! And don't forget......the FLOWERS!!!!!! Gorgeous flowers and a precious card. The whole weekend was Mother's Day really. It was incredible. Thank you Levi for a memory that will last and last.

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