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Big Bad Ford

Yet again the story of the Big Bad Ford being temporarily out of service must come to a close. On the upside, to those who like hearing tales of it's breaking down, the end of this saga is less like a "the end" and more like a "to be continued." After all, the hero in this series is a 1959 and is bound to come across all types of villians. For example, it has faced and defeated the evil Parts Discontinuer who has been steadily removing parts from the distributors re-order lists. It has also doubtedly seen the last of The Piece-of-crap Replacement Part-eers who continue to wield their crappy new stuff that doesn't hold up to the standards that the older, better, wiser part makers used. And, of course, let's not forget our hero's nemesis...Father Time. It would seem that there will be no end to The 59's strength and endurance, but Father Time is one patient old fart. I just want to smack that smirk off his smug face! But, our hero will win, I am confident. Good always wins over evil.

So, as always, with a little elbow grease and a few new gaskets, the Big Bad Ford is back on the road again terrorizing the average driver and intimidating all the others. Last weekend we managed to fill the bed with treasure. I felt like a Pirate boat Captain as we sailed the stormy seas of Springfield's streets. We would pull up next to a dumpster and practically toss our grappeling hooks over as we pillaged and plundered. There was much loot and bounty. Arr! We take and take and give nuthin' back! Ha ha!

In all seriousness, we really did have a good time getting a lot of free stuff during the yearly dumpster-diver fest. The Ford handled beautifully despite having only been back in running condition for less than an hour. So, all things are back to normal and the Valiant can go back to feeling neglected.


So I want to hear what kind of treaures did you find this year?

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