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My Pree sentation

Some of you knew about it. Some of you didn't. Last Thursday was graduation day for the SRC Leadership University Class of 2006. This graduation meant a lot to me after all I had never before been part of a graduation ceremony. I graduated high school in the summer after my senior year, because I flunked out my senior second semester due to a lack of attendance. See, I moved out at 17 and had a full-time job and was atempting to go to school full-time as well. I would've done just fine doing it except that I was also partying full-time. Anyway, by flunking out I saw the error in my ways and straightened up and graduated by way of summer school. Since I never went to college, I never got the opportunity to graduate from college. Crazy how that works.
Unlike a normal cap and gown graduation we didn't just go up front when our name was called, smile, and accept a rolled up diploma. We were basically asked to pay our way through these classes by coming up with a project. Throughout the whole seven month course we were to be thinking "outside of the box" and putting together a business plan that would either save the Corporation thousands of dollars or could become another business altogether under the "corporate umbrella." So, our graduation day included a presentation (pree-sentation) of our proposals to all of Corporate. All the heavy-hitters throughout the corporation would be in attendance and would be critiquing (sp) and would be asking us to apply our projects and giving us a budget if that's what the proposal called for.
Naturally, there was a lot of sweating involved. But, everyone did a fantastic job and my project got a lot of attention which sometimes can be a bad thing, but not this time. Anyway, I enjoyed the whole thing once my presentation was done and out of the way.


And I am SOOO proud of you!!! You should put a picture of the class up so we can see how spiffy you looked. :)

Good job Levi! So now you just need to share your business plan with the rest of us.

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