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Big News!

YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! The impossible has happened! Jodi and I have been approved for a home loan!!! And at a pretty decent rate I might add. This was definitely God's doing, because we know it wasn't ours. I've worked pretty hard at my disreputable, un-credit-worthy image, and Jodi has worked rather hard at being non-existent at a credit standpoint. So, trust me, getting this pre-approval is nothing less than a miracle. It is a glorious day!
Now comes the fun part. We have many things that we are looking for in a house, so there will be many aspects to consider. Some requirements are bendable, but still more are not, so we will be extremely picky about it, no doubt. It must be large first of all. We want space! We are crafty, refurbishing hobbyists not to mention our chronic packraticism. So space is a must! Also, I want a garage. Once a garage is in my possession I will make the Valiant completely road-worthy which won't take much. Then, I'll start stripping my Ford down and give it the look that it deserves. Once the Ford is all pretty, it'll be the Valiant's turn. We also require structural style. My wife and I are far too unique to live in a box. And, it must have a good foundation. Most of what Jodi and I want to do to a house is cosmetic. We will strip it down to the framing if need be, but I really want to stay away from having to replace existing framing. I can replace floor beams and I have no trouble adding walls or opening up a room by removing a non-load-bearing wall, but I don't want to deal with re-framing something for the sole purpose of fixing a structural problem. And finally, the last and most important issue will be the house's ability to be fixed up and bring a profit. If I haven't mentioned it already, this house will be a springboard for us to buy, fix up, and sell. We will do this as many times as it takes to eventually buy a house outright or build exactly where we want to live. We will probably continue to do this even after we settle on a place. We just won't need to live in them while we do it after that. Which is good since we'll be able to turn them faster.
Anyway, I'm clearly very excited. But, I'll keep y'all informed.



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