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I welcome myself to the world of professional bloggers! Yay! I have been such an amateur playing around with MySpace. Although, I do thank MySpace for taking a big chance with me. When no other website saw talent they said, "Give the kid a chance. What could it hurt?" For this, I am grateful. However, it is time to move on to bigger and brighter things and talk bad about the former things. One thing that I have learned from all this fame is that to continue to grow in popularity one must always remember to stomp on those little people that supposedly helped them get where they are now. So, to prove that I have what it takes to forget the little guy and move on towards stardom, I must say that MySpace sucks. It was fun for like a day. MySpace is like SO early 2006. Get with the program people.

Okay, now that the media is busy frantically scribbling down all what I just said, I can say that I don't really feel this way. My agent said to say these things, and he's done wonders with my blog career so I figure he's probably right. But, I really do love all you MySpacers!

Enjoy the new blog site!!!


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