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I may not be on social media, but that's not to say that I don't ever go online.  I just don't do it as much as those of you with social media accounts.  I frequent Craigslist, always keeping my eye out for a good deal.  Also, once or twice a day, I'll roll through the headlines on and Google News.  Rarely do any of those headlines actually prompt me to read an article, but it does happen on occasion.

Among my online travels I spot things that I find amusing.  Sometimes I remember to screenshot them so that I can share them later.  These are some of my finds.

I've never given away a puppy before, but I understand that it may be difficult to find new homes for mixed-breed animals.  The person seeking a home for this mutt evidently thought that mentioning it's special talent might expedite the process.

The prefix 'pedi', meaning foot, in combination with the word 'stool' does make sense, I guess, if these were footstools.
This generous fellow is either giving away a very scary mattress or trying to dispose of evidence from a crime scene.
This was a review for the Christian movie "God's Not Dead 2". Though doubtful that this reviewer even watched the film, he doesn't hesitate to criticize it, which wouldn't be out of the ordinary or at all humorous except for the fact that he/she states within it "Don't criticize those whom do not share your opinion" yet, by criticizing a Christian film he/she disagrees with, that is exactly what this so-called reviewer is doing.  (I also smiled at their improper usage of the word 'whom'.)
You'd have to have read the article about Jay Nixon's defense of his vetoes above to get why I am amused by this.  The proximity of these two articles was the source of the humor.  One of Nixon's vetoes was a bill that would require state-issued IDs to be shown at the polls in order to vote.  The second article here was about voter fraud where an unknown person(s) had turned in an undisclosed amount of forged voter registrations altering the addresses of already registered voters.  This would prompt new voter registration cards to be sent to these new addresses where their recipients could use the cards to vote in addition to their legitimate voter registration card.  A photo ID requirement would obviously block this.  Nixon's defense of his veto was "there is not a documented case of the type of voter fraud the bill aims to stop".
I'm pretty sure this guy meant to type FPV for first person viewer goggles.  I don't think anyone has invented human papillomavirus goggles.
This was from our dinner last night.  I'm a numbers guy and so when I find instances of electronics making mistakes in calculations I can't help but be incredibly amused.


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