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"You're no Daisy at all"

Last Monday, we drove to Bolivar to pick up a dog.  Daisy was her name.  She was a rambunctious 10-month old golden retriever/lab mix.  She was a beautiful and sweet dog who I only heard bark a couple times.  Pretty ideal for us, really.  However, she had one big draw back.  She liked to jump up on us in her excitement to say hello.

(Sorry about the confusing picture if you've never watched Tombstone.  If you have watched it, then surely you understand the reference in combination with the title of this blog.)

She scared Ezra pretty bad their first day together when Daisy jumped up on her and knocked her to the ground.  Daisy wrestled on top of her, no doubt, just thinking that Ezra was having as much fun as she was having.  Lyric had to tackle Daisy off of Ezra big brother style.  But, Daisy jumps on him, too.  She's not a large dog, but she's pretty strong.  And, she overpowers even Lyric.  She jumps on me, too, but I don't have any trouble pushing her off to the side every time she tries.  She figures out pretty quick not to continue it.  Yet, she still has to relearn it every time we meet for the day.  Our cat, Cute (yes, that's her name), was not fond at all of adding a dog to our family.  I figured that they'd get to know each other eventually and get along, but I wonder if that would ever really happen.

Confession:  We aren't dog people.  I always knew this about myself.  And, Jodi knew it about herself, too.  We only got a dog because Lyric wanted one.  And, we got a good one, admittedly.  After the initial jumping and discouraging shoves from me, she would follow me around and be pretty good company.  She was fun to play with and had a lot of cute personality.

Alas, despite all the good about this dog, we had to find a new home for her.  Which we did.  And, I'm thankful for the couple that came and picked her up.  They're dog people.  They have a couple smaller dogs and had been looking for a good lab for some time since their older lab had died.  They treat their dogs like their children and even sent us a picture of Daisy playing with her new siblings in her new fenced-in backyard.

We had her for six days.  It was a good learning experience for Lyric and Ezra both, I think.  It showed them that while they love the idea of having a dog, the reality of caring for one is maybe more than what they really want.  We aren't fully opposed to getting a dog for them when we are more prepared for one, but I think that with this experience under their belt they will be more wise with what kind of dog they're looking for.  I personally think that they'd be more compatible with an old lazy dog.


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