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Empty House

The night before our closing, we stayed up till almost 4:00 in the morning cleaning, caulking and painting.  We realized that most people would have just packed their things and left whatever needed to be done for the next owners at this point.  But, we're not most people.  Although, many times throughout the weeks leading up to this point and certainly during the wee hours of the morning before the closing, I wanted to just give up and do like most people would have done.  But, my own desire to honor this home and the next owners of it combined with the motivation of my wife's unfaltering commitment to her desire to do the same kept me on track.

We finally broke for a couple hours of sleep only to get up and start the finishing process anew.  We got the beds loaded up and secured into the back of the truck and shoved the last of the tools and painting supplies into the last open space in the car just as the new owners were pulling up in their U-Haul truck to do the final walk-through before they signed the dotted line (about 20 times along with 20 sets of initials).  We grabbed the guy next door to take some pictures of all of us before we left it for good.

I would say that it was bittersweet, but I wouldn't be telling the whole truth.  It was pretty sweet.  I enjoyed our home on Scott Street and we built a brainful and heartful of memories there, for sure.  But, we took with us all that matters so I'm not in the least sorrowful to drive away from it.  I feel accomplished for what we did there.  We were afforded the opportunity by our God who loves us to take an old unloved house and pour into it all the love and care that we had to offer it.  I feel like we did the house justice and the neighborhood in which it resides.  We felt all along that we weren't just fixing up our own house, but that in our small part we were also bringing up property values on our street and in our neighborhood.  No doubt, this sale will be used for future sales as a comparable and will help pull those figures higher into a new level of dignity.  Few neighborhoods in Springfield can boast so much history and turn-of-the-century charm, it's only right that it can begin to boast home value, as well.

No.  Bittersweet isn't the word.  Surreal, maybe.  I don't know what I expected when we finally sold the house.  Fireworks?  A parade?  I don't know.  But, aside from my little family doing the happy dance several times throughout the process, it almost seemed anti-climactic.  Like, a pivotal moment in our lives went by just a little too smoothly.  It's strange to anticipate something for so long and then have it happen in a blink of an eye and find yourself on the other side of it almost emotionless.  Shouldn't I be shedding some tears or shouting from a rooftop or something?  Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that we sold and I'm equally happy that we've bought our new home.  And, I don't feel like I'm missing anything.  It's just that I'm surprised to find myself where I am, physically and emotionally.  Or perhaps, better stated as emotionless.

Maybe, reality will hit me at some point.  Perhaps I'm too busy with the details of unpacking and organizing our new home to stop and realize just what has happened.  We will see I suppose.

Without further ado.  Here are the photos I promised yesterday.


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