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I'm Not Color Blind

You:  "Wait.  Didn't you just write a blog back in November stating that you were color blind?"

Me:  "Yup."

You:  And, now, you're saying that you're not?"

Me:  "Yup."

You:  "Explain."

Me:  "Glad to."

I'm surprised that I actually let that negative statement slip out of my mouth in the first place.  It's amazing what curses we put on ourselves out of habit, really.  I've been saying it most of my life actually.  But, I've decided to change all that going forward for two reasons.

First of all, I believe that our words have power beyond what we know and that they change things that we cannot see.  The Bible mentions the power of words a lot.  They not only destroy and cause damage but build up and bring healing.  Matthew 12:36 explains that we'll all be held accountable for all the words that we speak in our lifetime.  If they were inconsequential then there would be no need to be held accountable for them.  Now, don't let this get you down.  In case, like me, you've let your mouth run around unbridled in the past, there are such things as salvation, grace, and forgiveness that God freely offers, as well.  Thank God for that.  It's all very clear that we are in certain need of it.

That said, I'm no longer going to curse myself by claiming color blindness.  Instead, I'm claiming the truth.  I don't see black and white.  I never have.  I see colors just fine.  Now, in the past, I have struggled with certain colors on the spectrum.  However, I believe that I am being healed of that, which brings me to my second reason.

About a month ago, Jodi attended a conference at our church that was about healing and activating people to pray for strangers for physical healing.  I had just written the aforementioned blog the week prior to this conference taking place.  I had taken the color-blindness test twice that I linked to on that blog and both times had received the result: Strong Protan.

Fast forward to Jodi coming home from the conference and praying for my eyes.  She had me take the test again and I received the result: Medium Protan.  That's an improvement!  So she prayed again.  She had me retake the test.  I received the result: Mild Protan.  Boom!  Another level of improvement!  We repeated this 5 or 6 more times and I continued to receive Mild Protan as the result every time.

So, I may not be completely healed, yet.  But, what I have accepted to believe is that God was showing me something even more important than a specific color wavelength.  He was showing me that He has the power to heal, that He wants to heal, AND that He wants to reinforce the truth in me that He has given us a level of verbal power, as well.  I feel like He didn't completely heal me because He's also given me the charge to heal myself and others.

I've claimed color blindness for three decades  30 years, I've been using that God-given power incorrectly.  No more.  I'm not color blind.


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