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Quick Deck Update

Well, this is the deck as of yesterday's improvements.  I had more on my list to do, but I also did some things that needed done that weren't on the list.  So, I'm still good.

Notice that the stairs are in and worked out perfectly. They fell JUST below the door just as planned. Also, I added all the perimeter boards.

I got all the tall posts for the privacy fence notched out and predrilled and ready to install. One is in, which you can see on the far left. Four more to go. Then seven more short ones.

So, today, I plan on having all the posts installed and I want to have a good start on the decking.  I'll have a limited amount of daylight today. By the time we eat lunch after church, it'll probably be 1:30 before I can get back out there.

I'll post another update from what gets done today.  Maybe tonight?  We'll see.

Here's a quick link to the next deck update blog.


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