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More Funny Craigslist Posts

Yes, we're all used to seeing strange fees from the companies that we deal with, but from an individual?  Come on.  Save us the "re-homing fee" mumbo jumbo and just admit that you're selling your four-legged children on the black market.

Magizings r grate cuz uv all da purdy pikshurs.

It's no wonder there's a misspelled word in this post.

No explanation necessary.

I love unnecessary quotation marks!  Let me translate this for you: New mass-manufactured sofa table in Rustic Style plastic!

I guess, I give people a hard time who spell things incorrectly on the Internet because they obviously had Google at their fingertips when creating the post.  Spell check, people!  When in doubt?  Google it!


Evidently, this girl has moved on.

This isn't Craigslist, clearly.  However, this made my list of funny posts anyway for the obvious reason (to everyone but the person who posted this, no doubt).  And, in case, you happen to see your own post here: Sorry and congratulations for making the cut. :)


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