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Zebra Cakes Disclaimer

Warning: Consuming Little Debbie's brand Zebra Cakes may cause the consumer to experience changes in ones behavior. The behavioral effects may include temporary energy boost, giddiness, and in some rare cases: swaying ones choice of attire.

This is extra funny since she bought this box of Zebra Cakes yesterday and had a couple. Then, today she was wearing this outfit getting ready for church. She was unaware of the connection until I mentioned my observation. What a funny girl I married.


this is TOO funny my friend! Great observations! Adding to your blog on health. I would also, encourage the people who want to eat healthier that as you look over your budget realize what amenities you can actually live without in order to live healthier lives. Internet and Satellite TV shouldn't replace good eating habits. Love you bro! Really enjoy reading your blog! -

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