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Lyric's Famous!

My baby is famous! If you've kept up with my blogs, you know that a couple months ago I took some pictures for Battlefield Lanes here in Springfield. Of the photos I took, several wound up being used for various advertisements including their website, ten-second blocks on their in-house screens, and billboards.

I know that everyone has seen billboard photos on the Internet and surely some of them are fake, but I assure that this one is not. My friend in the billboard business has sent me a little work and this is one of the benefits of that work. I'll have to swing down there and take a better photo of the billboard, but here is the one that he sent me. The workers who actually put the sign up take pictures of the finished product to record that it's actually up.

This will be really cool for Lyric to have when he's older. I'm so proud! I had to go see it last night. Even though it was dark, I was able to leave my shutter open for a full 30 seconds on the lowest ISO setting so that I could get a nice night-time shot and still maintain some quality. Click on the photo to see it larger.


Thats really cool man. Thats a cool picture of little man too.

Neat!! I bet you are all going to be famous someday!! I love the night shot too!


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