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As a child, I remember hearing adults talk about political issues and various politicians. I also remember seeing Ronald Reagan give speeches, though I didn't listen to anything he said. I didn't understand anything about politics and had no interest in it. I was a child, after all.

Today, I realize the importance of politics. It isn't difficult for anyone my age to see that life in America today is extremely different than it was when I was a child. This is true for our parents and our grandparents, as well. We live amongst a generation of people who, unfortunately, find it rude to even say the word "politics" much less carry on a conversation about it. And, the effects of generations of Americans turning a deaf ear to the growing entity that controls so many aspects of their lives have taken their toll.

The result of this willfull ignorance has left us with a country that is in debt well past their ears, that has a terribly overpaid and ineffective educational system, that has a "central bank" that steals from us all daily by printing non-gold backed currency that immediately lessens the value of all currency while giving them cash to spend, that has had less and less freedoms every year, etc., etc. I could go on and on, but I'll assume for a moment that maybe all of you already are aware of the problems that this country has.

Change. This word is so easy to say, and so hard to do. It's what every politician promises (except maybe Rudy Gulianni who promises to be "W" all over again). It's what is needed. It's what is wanted. But, it scares the manure out of people. But, why? It is inevitable that a major change in government will happen. It happened all throughout history. Governments that become too large and too powerful over its people eventually make a radical change. It can come in many ways: the people get fed up and take back their government through elections and political movements, the people take back their government by force, the people get overrun and live in an oppressive state long enough for a government like the U.S. to feel sorry for it and come in and bail them out, etc.

The question that remains is: When is it time to do something about our government? Many would agree that the government has already gone too far. Why is it that not very many want to do anything about it? Make a liar out of me. Get informed. Make a difference. Talk to people. Take America back.

Please watch the following videos. They are very short and show some major changes that will definitely give America back to the people.

John Stossel interviewing Ron Paul (part one) click the button below
Ron Paul for President 2008
John Stossel interviewing Ron Paul (part two) click the button below
Ron Paul for President 2008


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