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Buy Low, Sell High

My goodness! How long has it been since I wrote a blog? I feel sort of out of touch with my writing capabilities, so forgive me if I have some run-on sentences or stuff like that.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little fact today. A couple of years ago, Jodi and I went down to Commercial street and looked at a building that was for sale. We wouldn't have been able to acquire the financing to actually buy it, although we didn't know that at the time. We were definitely interested in it and thought pretty hard about what we could do as far as having a business in it. After some brainstorming we settled on the idea that we could have a hair salon as the main business but also have some crafts and custom built furniture on display in the front that would also be available for purchase.

I can't remember now why we decided that it wasn't for us. I think that it had something to do with the fact that we wouldn't have the funds needed to fix it up even if we could buy it. Our hopes and dreams were once again crushed by that old relentless reality.

So, last week I noticed that there was a real estate sign in the window and that it was for sale. I wasn't sure if it had always been for sale or if it was just for sale again. Whatever the answer, someone put a little work into it. I mean "a little" for a reason, though. It appeared to have changed on the outside and it looked pretty good. But, I, along with Jodi, believed that they had just removed something from the exterior to make it look like the original building. As far as I can tell, the inside looks the same as it did when we were looking at it.

Well, with a little searching on the internet I found an older picture of the building from when Jodi and I went to check it out. I compared that to a recent picture of it and indeed found that they had removed an ugly facade reminiscent of an era when Indian Architecture (from India, not native American) was in style. The photos can be seen below and you can make your own judgements, but I personally think it needed to be stripped. Anyway, the point of this blog is that when we looked at the building the first time it was being listed for $ 69,900. The building, which has had stuff taken away from it and none added is now being listed for $ 149,000. If this actually goes at this price, I'm going to vomit at the lost opportunity. It wouldn't have been feasible for us to buy it and do this, but still a good vomitting will be in order.




I was about to send you a message saying that I was having some withdraws without a Levi blog. Geez get with it would ya?

I prefer the new look to the old look. That would be an amazing flip if it sells for that but who knows how long it will take to sell. I wonder how much they spent in updating the exterior...pretty sure it wasn't $70,000.

Welcome back!

I had forgotten what it looked like. Yes, much better now, but we so could have done that, especially for that kind of money. Oh well, wasn't "the one". And it was definitely the financing thing that held us back. But again, wasn't "the one".

p.s. I'm glad you're back writing again too!!

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