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New Neighbor

We have a brand new neighbor. I saw him (or her) moving into a freshly dug hole underneath one of the landscaping logs/railroad ties that separate our driveway from our front yard. He's definitely a city bunny since he wouldn't run off until I got closer than about seven feet away. And, even then he she only hops enough distance to keep that seven foot safety area. I like this neighbor the best already. Unlike our other neighbors, (we'll call him a boy just so I no longer have to refer to both sexes when using a pronoun for it) he doesn't burn questionable firewood that almost smokes us out of our house, he doesn't grind/sand/bang out/weld the various body parts to his and every other low rider vehicle in town all night long, he doesn't smoke weed and smell up the whole street while doing it (or at least I think that it wasn't him), and he doesn't come knocking on our door at 7:00 in the morning to explain to us that he's not crazy. He's really quiet and almost unseen really. As far as I can tell he's single so I don't need to worry about him populating up our front yard or anything. I think that this new neighbor will really work out. And here is a good shot I got of him. Also, just in case you didn't know, you can click on any picture that I load into these blogs and it will open up the page that I have them stored on so that you can see them nice and big.


Did you seriously have a neighbor come by at 7am and tell you they weren't crazy? That's crazy in itself.
Our neighbors are pretty good other than we were robbed in broad daylight a month ago and noone noticed a thing. Thank goodness for home owners insurance.

Yeah, she's pretty old. She came over about 7:00 on a weekday morning and knocked until Jodi woke up and answered the door. She then explained that she heard my truck start up and leave and that she looked out the window and saw me. She wanted us to know that she's not a peeping Tom and that she didn't want us to think that she's crazy or anything. Jodi said, "too late."

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