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Bored, lonely, and pathetic.

I'm such a baby. I love my wife so much that it borders on obsession. She left yesterday evening to go to West Plains and help out with the preparations of her friend's wedding. I think that she also threw a wedding shower for her. She also was heading down to Moody, Missouri to take some photos of her dad's '49 Ford F-100. When I spoke to her last she said that she also stopped in on one of her family reunions. She's quite the multi-tasking productive woman. She's doing all these things while also producing a human being within. Amazing. That's the only word that describes it and still insufficiently at that.
So here is the part where me being a baby comes into play. I miss her. I'm bored. I've had a lot of fun spending time with Jacob, but I think that he's gone to bed tonight more spoiled than he was when he woke up. I'm afraid that while I can be a bit of a tough Dad, I'm also one of the biggest contributors to Jacob's spoiled lifestyle. So, he's spoiled, but well-behaved.
So, I sit here and type away for what better thing do I have to do? Thankfully, Jodi will be home tonight, but she's doing hair right now and said that she'd call when she is processing. This means that she is doing highlights which means she is still painting on the highlights and foiling. Since she still hasn't called that means that before she can head this way she has to wait 15 minutes or so to process and then wash, dry, apply toner, process, wash out toner, dry, probably cut and style, marvel at the job well done, clean up, say goodbye, gas up the car, and finally begin the almost two hour drive home. She's a super-hero. She'll do it, too. I worry about her safety, though. I just don't want her to get tired and drive home. She can't really drink any coffee because she'll be wired until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. As I type this sentence it is turning 10:00 p.m. Even though I would love for her to be home tonight, I'd rather that she just stay there and head out in the morning. Even super-heroes need their sleep. At least I think they do. There wasn't like a Captain Caffeine or The Invincible Insomniac was there? I was never much into comic books.
I better get back to cleaning up the mess that I made while Jodi was gone, though. I want her to think that us boys are the cleanest boys in the world, but I'm sure that she knows better. Anyway, the attempt at illusion is still a worthy cause, so back to work for me. OH YEAH! I almost forgot. Jodi came up with a cool idea for using my old hubcaps from my '59. If you've been reading my blogs for a while then you might recall months ago I lost a hubcap which prompted me to buy a new set. My newer hubcaps are beautiful and I got the whole set for only $18. But, I didn't know what to do with my old set. Jodi suggested making cool clocks out of them. I thought that that was a great idea and today I bought a clock mechanism for just under $5. It took me about an hour to make but here is the finished product. Cool, huh?


You love me! You REALLY LOVE ME!!! I love you too, and missed you like crazy too. So sweet to see how you view me. I knew all my hard work would pay off!! =]

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